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What We Do!

At Cre8ng, we believe in Excellence as it is the limelight of Creativity!

We Create

Bring your imaginations to reality. Tell us about your idea, our experienced designers will advice and give recommendations on the best designs based on research!

We Design

Leveraging on the information gathered in the creation stage, a wireframe of product design is made which has a unique meaning to your idea. On your approval, our team starts working on your design!

We Brand

Your branding speaks alot about you, contact us for a top notch service. Let us design your brand and give you the identity like no other to stand out and get the best result!

Get tips & tricks on how to Design.

As it is written, only the one with the Designers eyes can differentiate a beautiful design from a standard design!

Font Combination

When combining fonts with similar proportions, assign different sizes to establish hierarchy.

The Golden Ratio

Itโ€™s one tool to help you create something that establishes the right emotional and visual tone with users.

Get tips & tricks on Branding

Everyone's view to Branding is actually different, but the end justifies the means.

In Branding, Your first layout after receiving a project is to take a chill Coke! Lol... Just a drink to bring your creative mind together.
Your apporach after that is to Define your Branding Strategy...

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We Focus on

When it comes to Cre8ng, Our piority is to give you an Excellent Outcome
Hence, we serve you with:

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completed projects & Still counting.

Here is our Branding Process


Research and Clarifying Strategy


Discovery and Design Identity


Create Touchpoints and Manage Asset


Presentation and Delivery

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Trusted by marketers, Doubted Not by engineers,
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